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Why write? It’s the question I’ve considered for a while. First of all, I enjoy writing. It helps me hone in my thoughts and sharpen my viewpoints. I suggest you try it. I’ve been writing articles for a while prior to publishing them. I believe some will help initiate discussions that I feel are important, while others may never see the light of day.

The reason I’m expanding a personal hobby into a website is because I see the need to engage the countless online conversations that increasingly shape our worldview. I may preach a sermon for thirty-five minutes on a weekend, but by the end of the week people are inundated with hours and hours more of messages – Facebook rants, clickbait, news articles, blogs, TED talks, the list goes on. That’s neither a good nor bad thing, it just is, but it does highlight the need to expand church conversations beyond the church, if not our perspective will be slowly drowned out by the loud din of our online world.

My goal is to engage conversations that I perceive need expanded conversations in church circles. I hope to stay clear of political viewpoints and I plan to avoid virtue signaling at all costs. Instead my goal is to challenge our thinking, the trends that affect our politics, the underlying virtue we feel the need to signal, and in the process will hopefully call into question a few popular assumptions we blindly indulge.

Overall, I believe we need a greater understanding of the cultural dynamics that affect the Church. I want to discuss themes of church life and growth, as well as the healthy leadership necessary to maintain it. We cannot lead something if we don’t know where we are, and to be a visionary we need a right perspective on where we are going. Church, culture, and leadership. It’s where I’m starting, and I’m sure over time the scope will expand. Maybe cat photos. I’m open to bribery and ideas.

Thanks for joining me and I look forward to your input.




One thought on “Something New

  1. Jack Bewsher says:

    Hi Drew,
    Excited to hear that you’re starting this website. It can be so hard to engage deeply, insightfully and relevantly with our culture as Christians, and so I love platforms like this.
    Looking forward to reading and engaging with future content.

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